Martin Lazarev is  a street-photographer, designer and inventor based in Brazil. He’s passion is to capture odd emotions and moments.  He uses natural light and values its variety.

Martini Lazarev’s photos have been published on the cover of Digital Photographer Brasil, FotoGrafia Magazine, Cheese, Positiiv and other photo journals.

Artist portfolio:


Rene Jakobson is concert and nature photographer who appreciates the moments when all three come together – music, nature and photography. He spends most of he’s evenings in concert halls capturing the sound.

Rene co-operates with many concert promoters both, in classical music and jazz and holds the title of Jazz Promoter 2017 . He’s works have been exhibited in several exhibition in Estonia, as well as in abroad. 

Artist portfolio:


Jaanar Nikker (b. 1983) is currently commerce photographer. He started with photography in London at 2007. Getting in contact with local culture and club scene motivated young artist to capture London’s daily life. He’s passion is black and white photography, it’s aesthetics leaves a side redundant information and allows  to focus on current emotion.

Jaanar’s photos during at this time differ from he’s current practice. Still, there is a common ground – even today he prefers black and white photography . He’s search for odd and peculiar angles is present also in shoots taken in studio, he is still in testing different angles and focus and places himself in between of play and reality. 

Artist portfolio:


Artur Sadovski is young and talented photographer.  He’s photos present at times clinically pure urban spaces with miniature athletes. He is looking a symbiosis between unpredictable movements and statical city landscape. In he’s work Artur combines playfully the dynamics of extreme sport and immovable surrounding, breathing and passion with  emotionless objects. Artur focuses on details in each frame.

Artur co-operates with several sport brands and events in Estonia as well as in abroad, such as  VANS, Adidas, Simple Session, Fox Racing Canada, BMX Rider Magazine etc.

Artist’s  portfolio:

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