29.11.17 - 10.03.18

“London” by Jaanar Nikker exhibits the works from the period when photographer lived and worked in London. The period, when Londoners enjoyed Led Zeppelin concert, tried to adapt with public non-smoking policy and was thrilled about the upcoming Olympics; London, where terrorism equalled with couple of failed car-bombs and no-one ever dreamed about Brexit.

“London” is Jaanar’s firs solo-exhibition and presents personal reflection on study- and research years, on years when the photography as a medium was discovered. Situations bounded in photos are about London street-life, home of them are representing the shifted views on tourist attractions. Exhibitions open this side of London that seems to be detached from cultural or democratic changes, being a sort of city documentary, as a walk trough the London streets.

Exhibition photos differ from Jaanar’s current works – as he is currently working as a commerce-photographer. Therefore, presenting the previous works is as a walk in a memory lane, on the other hand as a synopsis of a particular period of photographer’s life. Synopsis of a time, when emotion wight over money and more important was self.reflection, as well splay with the corners and frames.

“Black-and-white has always intrigued me in photography. I believe that black-and-white photo delivers the deeper emotions and remove the disturbing noise” speaks photographer about his passion towards bad-and-white photography.

Exhibition is supported by Overall Estonia, HP and Telliskivi Creative City. The works are printed with ecologically friendly latex technology to reusable HDPE materia.

Curator: Heidi Paju

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